Sunday, December 11, 2016

Screwtape at Christmas...

One day during the Christmas season, the devil dressed in a fine suit and went out to check on his territories. While moving through the halls of power he spied a junior demon tormenting a government official. The new demon was doing everything he could. He wanted to throw the official into turmoil so he would loose his faith in God and humanity. 

The Devil called the junior demon out into the hallway. On seeing the devil, the demon bowed low saying, “My master, I am terribly sorry! I am failing you. I can not turn this politician to the dark side.”

On hearing the report, the devil curiously asked “Well what have you tried?”

“I’ve tried everything” cried the demon, fearing a horrible reprisal. “I’ve offered him bribes of money, pleasures of the flesh, threats of political reprisals, but nothing unbalances him.”

The demon continued, “Regardless of what I say, he is steadfast in his integrity and goodness. What is most concerning is a bill that he is developing to bring to the assembly. If the bill goes through, much of our work to spread darkness will be ruined.”

The devil smiled knowingly at the lesser demon. “Let me give it a try” he said casually.

Effortlessly, the devil strolled into the official’s office and quietly whispered into his left ear.

Suddenly, the man sprung from his desk. He cursed God, and plunged the thick bill into the shredder. 

When Lucifer’s returned to the hallway, the demon bowed before him and begged to know how he had turned the man of integrity and gotten him to abandon his principles.

“Well it was really quite simple” said the devil. “ I just told him his younger brother was appointed Deputy Prime-Minister.”

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