Wednesday, December 07, 2016

It's Time!! Election 2017

It's a busy time in BC politics as candidates compete for nominations and plans are being made for Election 2017. We believe that it's important that the church be actively and intentionally involved in the process by doing what we do best.... 

It's Time to Pray!

Our election initiatives tell an interesting story.  We don’t pray that a particular party would win or lose but instead that God would give us men and women through whom He can work to accomplish HIS plans and purposes for our province and in every case God responds in a remarkable way.  Every time we have done this, we have seen more Christian members elected to the BC Legislature.  What makes this particularly rewarding is that while they share differing political views, over time they have discovered that their common ground at the cross binds them together in unique and wonderful ways.

BC goes to the polls on May 9, 2017 to choose a government.  We believe that BC’s best hope is for the church to fulfill it’s role as intercessor over the course of the election campaign as we ask God to choose leaders for us.   Here’s how you can get involved and track along with us!  We are ready to go on the same day that the writ drops!

1.      Visit and join our daily prayer network.
2.     Like the PrayBC Facebook page.
3.     Follow us on Twitter @praybc

Don’t leave this for later.  BC needs you!

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