Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Times, They Are a-Changin'

I'm borrowing a theme from today's announced Nobel Peace Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan because for me, 'The Times They Are a Changin'...

In just a few days, I'm heading back to Toronto for 3 weeks.  In the 10 days that I've been home, I've caught up on life, with friends, work a few yard projects that needed to be done and many other things.

The one task that I've been avoiding in the past 10 days is writing this article.  This article really marks a significant shift for me as my fade from active involvement in BC becomes complete.

For 9 years, serving the leaders of BC has been the focus of my work and ministry.  While I'm very excited about the future, I recognize that I am leaving behind people that I have come to love, respect and appreciate in significant ways.  Members, Staff, Security, Dining Room Servers are all people that I enjoy interacting with and while my transition doesn't mean I'll never see them again, it does mean that those moments become fewer and farther between and with me in a supportive role as I stand behind Jason rather than the other way around.

The space that most symbolizes this transition is what has been my office space in Victoria.  For the most part it has been 'my space' and the clutter, trinkets, photos, etc have reflected that.  While it will remain our national office, most of my work in that regard will happen from my workspace in Toronto.  Our Victoria space will still be where I work from when I'm home, but the space needs to reflect Jason, so I've been slowly removing my 'stuff' over the past week so that he can make it a space that reflects who he is.  My desk, complete with it's 2nd floor view of the park and trees has become Jason's and I'm glad to pass it to him.  It's an interesting feeling to say the least but just like the changing season outside, this is a season of change for me and Leading Influence in BC.

I have tremendous confidence in Jason's ability to build on the foundation that has been laid. Watching him engage with members and they with him has been so satisfying and rewarding.  He will serve BC leaders exceptionally well.

We are thrilled to announce that Leanne den Braber has joined our team as Executive Assistant.  Leanne will work with both Jason and I with a focus on donor care, special events and administration.  We are saying goodbye to Bethany who has been a blessing to us and wish her well as she and James await the arrival of their first born.  Thanks for your hard work and ministry Bethany.

Ontario is off to a strong start.  The primary focus now and for the next year is really about meeting people and building the relational capital that provides a platform for ministry.  Thus far the Lord has helped us.  Barb and I fly to Toronto on Saturday and will share a week together there before she returns home for work.  It will be fun to have her with me in the big city where the Jays play home games.

Ontario beckons.  The future is bright!

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