Sunday, May 28, 2006

God Ideas...

I love it when God gives me an idea. God ideas are about more than giving us something to ponder for a little while and then move on to something else. God ideas are seeds of vision that He drops into our lives for a variety of purposes. This ministry came out of a God idea that continues to inspire me and scare me at the same time because it is so big!!

Sometimes, "God ideas" are for the purpose of provision. Phil 4:19 tells us about how God will supply all our needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. It seems to me that God is about partnership. He wants to do HIS part, but we need to do OUR part! Our part just might be moving forward with the ideas that He sows in our lives.

Other times, God ideas are about reaching people. (In fact, I think every "God idea" is connected to reaching people.) I'm convinced that God, the CREATOR of everything has strategies, ideas and plans that would allow us to get into the lives of every person in our city, province and nation and HE WANTS to tell us, if we will simply ask.

The psalms say "Ask of me and I will give the nations as inheritance to you." How cool is that??

Have a good one!!


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Maureen said...

Hey Tim! Greetings!
It was a very round about way that I discovered your blog and what you are doing now. I read your entire blog and am excited by your passion and your "realness" that you display. I remember talking with you 4 - 5 years ago about your work on the community boards and how excited you were. I always think that where there is passion is where God wants us because that's where His energy flows. I just wanted you to know that I am cheering for you and that God will continue to give you His creative vision. I'm always in awe that the great Creator chooses to use me to fulfill His vision. Amazing isn't it. I truly agree with what you have said in your blog, especially about raising up leaders. It has always been a pet peeve of mine that our young people have heard from the pulpits of Youth Convention and churches that to serve God is to give your life to Him and to give your life to Him it is implied that it means to go to Bible School and then into full time ministry. And when many don't feel that call there is an emptiness that they feel they can't meet the standard. I truly agree with you that we need to raise up a generation that brings God into the workplace, governments, legal system. We need to be a changing force by our presence and our light of truth. Keep blogging away.
Maureen Peters