Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I caught a few minutes of a documentary this weekend that told the story of a group of scientists that were searching for the cause of the Tsunami that so severely damaged parts of Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. It was pretty interesting to watch as they focused on a small group of islands hundreds of miles offshore. It turns out that the elevation of these islands was nearly 10' higher than it was before the tsunami. What caught the attention of the researchers was that the coral reefs that had previously surrounded the islands underwater were now part of the immediate beach. After some investigation, they discovered the fault line where the two geological plates shifted. At that point the difference in elevation was somewhere near 100' which easily explained the size and speed of the killer wave.

I read this in a Tom Clancy novel this weekend. "History is a series of small events that periodically culminate into the moments that we remember." It strikes me that for years those two geological plates were grinding, shifting and straining against each other and no one knew or noticed until the big moment. The same is true with history and social/spiritual change. Time goes on, words are spoken, attitudes shift, decision are made and plans are put into action and then suddenly and ultimately " the big moment" happens. When it does, we are shocked, taken by surprise and overwhelmed. If you don't know me, you might be entitled to think that I subscribe to a conspiracy theory and that I somehow believe that the CIA, Mossad, the Rockerfellers, Jews or the Catholic Church are all pulling some secret strings and manipulating history to a particular end... I don't buy into conspiracy theories, but I do believe in a master plan.

In the bible, the book of Revelation tells us that "kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and Christ." 1 Cor 15 tells us that God is constantly working towards the ultimate fulfillment of His plan to bring EVERYTHING under the feet of Jesus. How cool is that?? He's working to bring sickness, injustice, violence, hatred, racism, poverty, discrimination, pain, sin, suffering, guilt, shame, fear and doubt and the list could go on and on .... And place them completely and absolutely under the feet of Jesus where they no longer affect us, reach us or influence us.

At this point it's easy to write this off as a "one day" event, but the reality is that we are a part of the process. Not in a militant, violent, reactive kind of way, but as salt and light that changes our world through influence, presence, leadership and servanthood. You and I are part of the plan to bring "everything" under the feet of Jesus.

It begins in you and works through you to accomplish the great and glorious purposes of God that He has made and empowered you to fulfill through the power of His Spirit at work in you.

Make history - change something!

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Sonya said...

I'm workin' on it every day, Tim! ;)