Friday, April 28, 2006

Person of My Life - My one and only - BARB!!

Barb and I were out walking our dog tonight and she asked me why I don't write about her. I told her that "it's not THAT KIND OF BLOG"... but I knew then that if I should write about anybody, it should be her.

Barb is absolutely amazing. There's all the basically amazing stuff that she can do... great musician, great worship leader, great mom, great teacher, great wife, great etc, etc, etc.... but that's not what really sets her apart in my mind. Ultimately, she is amazing because of WHO she is!

Barb is a fearless, courageous rock! For the longest time, she was resistant to change and risk, but this past fall, when we were wrestling with leaving the church and pursuing a new course in life and ministry, she was my biggest encourager and supporter. As we journeyed through the transition period, she was a sounding board, comforter and the "lifter of my head".

For years, she has put up with my impatience, outbursts of frustration, and other basic idiosyncracies. She is totally amazing. There is no one else who could/would have put up with me this long. She's a star in every way. I wish I could be a lot more like her in the way she handles life and deals with people in ways that are so much like Jesus.

Barb's my best friend, my hero and a rock that I can lean on. She's a lot like her mom! (... and that's a good thing....)



Danica said...

I must agree, although I obviously am not as close to Barb as you are.
All I have to say is that when I showed up to Women in Lit on the first day this semester and she was not there my heart drooped a little.
Hi Barb!

Sonya said...

I think Barb is top notch...and not just because we're thisclose! It's because we both realize what a quality show "The Office" really is. He,he,he.

Oh, and I concur with Danica on the new picture. It's much more "Tim-like".

Louise said...

I agree - Barb is a gem! Even though she wasn't MY youth pastors wife, she was still an amazing mentor in my teen years :) She's fun, talented, down to earth and God's love radiates through her! It was so good to see you all in Saskatchewan August 2006!