Saturday, April 22, 2006

Double post today - just to keep things fresh for you. We've made some big decisions at our house in the last week that have taken a ton of pressure off everyone in the family. We are still launching "Leading Influence Ministries" as scheduled and the plan to "go public" is still for September 1. What's changed is the plan to relocate to Victoria this summer. After visiting there last weekend we had a bit of a dose of reality when we were looking at real estate and decided that it would be best to sit tight on relocating until we've got a sound financial base to go with before we make the leap.

The stress levels in everyone's lives have dropped significantly. Barb is happy to continue working as a TA at a local school. Britt is happy to start High School with her friends. The boys are happy to not have to leave "the buddies" next door.

I'll be able to build the ministry from Kamloops in the short term and still establish the networks and relationships that matter from here. The plan is still to relocate because Victoria is the ideal location from which to do this, but it's really just best for us from a family perspective to do this at least a year from now.

In the meantime, I expect to file our incorporation papers on Monday, start sending fundraising letters later in the week and begin to line up speaking engagements for the fall.

Still going for it!



Danica said...

You better not even think about taking my pro-star babysitter away from me.


Sonya said...

I knew you couldn't leave me! I've got you all under my spell...mwahahaha...

Tim said...

It's true Sonya - the world wouldn't be the same without you in my "hood". Hope things went well on Sunday.