Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beginning Again... by Bob Briner (with a few comments from me)

How do we begin?

First, we knock down the myth that somehow, through some sort of conspiracy, Christians are kept out of the executive suites. This makes a good excuse, but empirical evidence does not support it. For the most part, we are not there because we do not show up with the commitment, character and class to be there. We are not willing to become skilled enough to be there. Though still far too rare, there are too many examples of Christians who do serve with God-honoring distinction at the highest levels of business for this myth to be true.

Second, our churches, Christian colleges and parents must show young people that it is not only OK to aspire to a life of business leadership, but that it can be a life of service and ministry on at least the same level as the pulpit ministry or foreign missions. We must work very hard to begin instilling in all our people, particularly our young people, the concept of a fully integrated life in which our faith informs all we do. This would certainly include a life in business leadership.

Third, we must give committed Christians the skills necessary for a life of business leadership. In the same way we train missionaries to adapt to the culture in which they will be serving without compromising any of the Christian essentials, we need to begin training our business leadership missionaries in the skills necessary for success in the upper echelons of corporate America. This takes mentoring on the part of Christian businessmen, and it takes a new and much more rigorous effort on the part of our churches and Christian colleges.

We have done a relatively good job of serving before “obscure men.” Now it is imperative that many become skilled enough “to serve before kings.” We need this. Our society needs this. God’s Kingdom needs this.

Tim here - This stuff makes lights a fire deep inside of me everytime I read it because I think that Briner has captured the crux of the entire issue right here. It's all about being committed, intentional and focused. Doors open to people with initiative and drive. I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching other people shape the world in a way that suits their social agenda because we don't bother to pick up the challenge and run with it ourselves.

Tune in for more tomorrow - I've got some fresh stuff out of Jeremiah for you!


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