Thursday, April 06, 2006

A friend sent me this message today...

I read recently, how to overcome fear of starting. You reach BIG goals by taking small steps! The Psalmist wrote; Ps 84:11 Just trust God and take the first small step! He will provide the rest including time, money,open doors,favourable resources and material resources. If you do your part He will do His. I am so excited that you took the first step congratulations.


Every "big thing" in the bible started with a "small thing". The feeding of the 5000, David killing Goliath, Peter walking on the water, The conquest of Jericho, the blind beggar being healed, all of it started with a simple act, that didn't always make a lot of sense in the natural, but was the catalyst to a supernatural response that was absolutely mind-boggling.

The bible says that faith is a "substance". Faith is real and tangible. It increases and decreases. Faith is the difference between a dream and reality. Faith determines whether or not God is pleased with who we are and what we produce, because without faith it is impossible to please God. To me that speaks loudly about the significance of taking small steps so that God can be honored in the rest of the journey.

Next to committing my life to Jesus, launching this ministry is the greatest leap of faith I have ever taken. On the one hand, there are no guarantees. We will look for partners who will help us fulfill the vision by supporting us prayerfully and financially. We will need to raise nearly $100,000 year to be able to have the resources to fund this ministry properly. That would scare me if I didn't know that God is never short of cash and that He is always faithful. I'm convinced that He will not fail me, Barb, our kids or the people that He has already arranged to be impacted by this ministry.

I've learned some big lessons in the last year. Not the least of which is how God is always faithful, even in the times when life looks uncertain and the road ahead is hazy. There are some huge mountains to be climbed over the next few months for you and me. I don't even know the way over most of them, but the God I serve does and as I (and you) move forward by faith, the mountains that loom before us begin to diminish in size as we move over them one at a time.

Have a good one!


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