Monday, April 03, 2006

We are official with the government as of today. The name "Leading Influence" has been approved by the provincial government and registration will happen in the next few weeks. I'm so excited about these things coming together and can hardly wait to see the ways in which God will work through all of this.

I do need to apologize about the horoscope sign that was part of my profile earlier. Personally, I think horoscopes are a waste of time, but I didn't realize that when I provided my birth date that my sign would appear on my profile. (I just thought it was a good way for you to know my birthday so you could send me a card. :-) Thanks to one of our board members for asking me "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THERE FOR?? (She asked nicer than that, but you get the general idea..) There are probably better ideas than launching an influence ministry and posting your astrological sign on the first day....

Everybody needs people around them who are willing to ask those kind of questions and protect you from really stupid mistakes! :-)

Somebody asked if I was going to be working with politicians. The answer is yes, but not as a lobbyist or antagonist. The vision is to build meaningful relationships with members and within their circles of influence on both sides of the house so regardless of who sits in the government, the door for friendship and ministry remains open. Ultimately, this is really about being positioned in the right time at the right place so I can say the right thing.

Please pray for us. Unless the Lord builds this house, this is nothing more than a pipe dream. But as the Lord builds this house, nothing is impossible.

The future is now!

Be blessed and highly favored!



Sonya said...

Oh man! I didn't see your astrological sign, so now I have no clue when your birthday is. I guess that gets me off the hook in sending you a card! ;)

Congrats on becoming 'official'!

Murray said...

Congratulations as well! That is so cool that you got the registration through now! In a group I work with in Ontario we took similar steps a few years ago. It is amazing to see how God walks you through the process.

I love the idea of a "Leading Influence". That alone has caught my attention and will bring me back to look in often.

In our area - every meeting I am in with our local Federal and Provincial politicians I encourage them with a hand shake, say thank you to them for what they are doing for us and then tell them I am praying for them.

The look on their faces is my reward. There is always a heart felt "Thanks Murray!" Every meeting after they seek me out.