Thursday, May 11, 2006

Looking Good...

I'm experiencing a dramatic change in my thinking about the way we're supposed to look. Now, as my friend Sonya noted a last month when I was honored as her "Person of the Day", I confess to a bit of a "GQ" fascination and enjoy wearing clothes that I think are "unique" and "cool". (My favorite shirt is a Tommy H - Pink, Green, Yellow and cream striped shirt. I've taken some flack when I've worn it, but it takes a real man to wear pink!!) :-)

Coming back to the point, I've become absolutely convinced that God takes great delight in making us look good at every opportunity. By and large, we've kind of missed the power of that truth within the church. We've worked more towards "fitting in" than we have towards looking good and yet looking good is what God has in mind for us.

The biblical imagery to support this is overwhelming. There's the recurring theme of being washed or cleansed. The bible constantly speaks of being given new clothes and there are countless promises of God's provision and blessing coming to His children. Jesus spoke of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. What stands out more than a lily in a field? In the OT He promised that it would be His blessing and presence that would set His people apart from the rest of the world.

Here' s my recent experience with this. Between now and when we launch Leading Influence Ministries, I'm selling software to local governments. I'm having a blast right now because my sales are starting to happen. I'm getting some great recognition within the company and from the owner. What they don't know (yet) is that I have made it my practice to pray before demos and over the proposals that I send out. I've asked God to give me favor at every level and this success is entirely a matter of God making me look good in the eyes of the people around me.

This is not limited to me, but can work for anyone because God's promises work for everyone. At the end of the day, we are made to be the head and not the tail. To stand out, not fit in in every possible way so.... Let God make you look good! That's his plan anyway!


Sonya said...

K, did you mention my name just so that I would post a comment? Cuz it worked! lol

I completely agree with you that God makes us look good. People are always commenting about how everything always turns out so perfectly for me, but I can assure everyone that it has very little to do with me!

Tim said...

I wouldn't be quite that shameless. It's cool how God makes us look good over and over again.