Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let this be said of me!

John Gill (as I've learned this week) was a great preacher/theologian/writer from the 1700's. Quite an inspiring epitaph! I hope it lights a fire in your life.
In this cemetery
are deposited the remains of John Gill, D.D.

A man unblemished in life;
An ingenuous disciple of Jesus;
A distinguished preacher of the Gospel;
and, of the Christian faith, a strenuous defender,
who embellished with mind, learning and devotion,
and ever unwearied amid the severest labours
more than fifty years,
strove with zeal perpetual and glowing,
to fulfill the precepts of the Lord,
To advance the prosperity of the church
and to seek the salvation of men;

In Christ he fell calmly asleep on the 14th of October, 1771, aged 74.

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking page, Tim. And your use of John Gill's epataph is an excellent reflection of your own heart and life to please the Master.

Dr. Gill, it may be said, was among the early bloggers who expressed their thoughts in "Tract" form. If he were alive today, I suspect he would be following your lead, using the latest in current technology to get his thoughts out to the larger public.

I wish you well in this ministry.

Cal Morgan