Monday, July 10, 2006

My boy's gonna play in the big leagues...

The title works best if you're a Tom Cochrane fan...

Forgive me for boasting but this past weekend marks an end to Little League Season in our house and I need to applaud the success of Zack and Tyler. Zack was named MVP in his Friday game. He pitched the last 2 innings of the game (final inning is open) and did a great job. With the help of his team, he held the AAA Riverdogs to one run in the 4th and no runs in the 5th. His team was defeated, but they were playing against kids that were 2nd or 3rd year players in their division. He was on a AA Rookie team.

Zack has had a great year. This was a big stretch for him this year as everything happens a lot faster in Mosquito than it does in Tadpole, but he grew into the role and will have a great year next year as a "vetran".

Tyler finished off his Tadpole career in true Tyler fashion. He was a strong asset to his team, usually getting at least a double each time he was up to bat. I missed his last game, but he told me that he slid into home for the winning run in a come from behind victory. He didn't have to slide, he just did it because he could! Nothing says you've played the game like dirt and grass stains on your pants! He played 2nd, Shortstop, First and Catcher over the weekend and absolutely loves it. Here are few photo's from Tyler's weekend as well. Tyler is second from the left with the batting helmet on. He's waiting for his medal.

This is Tyler beside his friend Cooper. They are waiting for the MVP announcement. Two other team mates won them, but Ty and Coop both played really well and made an excellent contribution to their team

There's some talk about a parents/kids game this coming Wednesday and I'm already being trash talked... The boys may play each other some time this week as well. The pre-game banter and post-game bragging just might be worth writing about!

Check back for the pictures of Zack!


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Way to go Zack!