Friday, February 09, 2007

By faith...

WOW!! A lot has happened since my last post. The MLA prayer list has grown to nearly 100 people and we are well on our way to taking the next giant leap forward there. The timing on this is amazing as the Speech from the Throne happens next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to being there for the start of the legislative session. We've been blessed by a champion of the ministry who has secured tickets to this and the Budget speech that follows a week later.

It's exciting to finally be in the place where this vision is becoming reality. What has seemed so off in the distance is becoming rapidly becoming substance. I've learned some huge lessons in the past year, not the least of which is the power of faith. The bible talks about calling those things that are not as though they are. A year ago, this ministry only existed in terms of a vision that I had shared with very few people. Today, we have prayer and financial partners that are standing with us to make the vision a reality and as of next Tuesday the vision becomes substance as the work of touching and reaching the MLA's of BC with the love, light and life of Jesus becomes reality. I'm under no illusions. This will be hard work and my faith will be stretched again, but I'm starting to really enjoy that and am looking forward to taking the next step forward on the journey.

Here's what else I'm learning about faith. It works in every part of our lives. Sometimes we see this only as a churchy or "religious" tool, but faith works everywhere. Believing it shall be is always the first step towards to seeing it happen. I get what I expect. Nothing more. Nothing less. And when I live expecting a good thing, good things happen. When I live expecting bad things, I get those things too!

So... "ya just gotta believe..." and watch the rest fall into place.


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