Tuesday, February 27, 2007

God is in the Intersections of Life

I've learned (or maybe more accurately, I am continuing to learn...) that God is in the intersections of life. If you're from Gateway City Church in Kamloops, you'll know that this is the slogan associated with the church. Even though I've been gone for a while, the phrase still holds tremendous meaning to me.

I enjoyed a great weekend with some friends and Evangel Chapel in Ft. St. John. Tony and Sara Warriner along with Phil and Cynthia Hamar are doing a great job leading a thriving church in a very exciting community. I was blessed to be their guest for the weekend. We all shared ministry together in Kamloops so it was great to be with them again. The church was very receptive and supportive of the ministry so that was exciting too.

The trip home was where God showed up the intersections of life. I arrived in Vancouver late and for only the second time in a year missed a connecting flight. After getting booked onto the next flight (3 hrs. later...) I turned around to see two MLA's waiting for their flight to Victoria. Knowing that there are no "accidents", I wandered over, said hello and enjoyed a nice visit with them. I love how God orders our days and our steps so that His plans can be perfectly fulfilled.

The plan for today was to go to Victoria for the day. (NOTE: "was" is the key word!) I arrived at the airport 23 minutes before my flight left and there was NO ONE at the Air Canada counter. After the flight was loaded, the agent came back to tell me that the flight had left. I thought that he must be kidding but he told me that he did things "by the book" and that I needed to be there 30 minutes before the flight left in order to be guaranteed my spot. Silly me... I thought BUYING A TICKET guaranteed my spot. Small wonder people in Kamloops keep hoping Westjet will fly here...

So... between being disappointed, bewildered and frustrated, Barb thought that the best solution to my muttering and moping was an afternoon at Sun Peaks. It seemed like a reasonable antidote to me too so the boys and I had a "dad day" on the hill and had a blast. Lots of snow, fun and fresh air all of which made for a fantastic day. Sometimes, you've just got to stop and smell the roses, or in this case the cajun cheese stick at the Sunburst Lodge on a sunny day.

Life is good!!


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Louise said...

Keep writing! We're all reading, even if we don't always leave comments :) Sounds like a good day with the boys! When's your big move to VI?