Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I have set before you an open door that no one can shut...

I am a believer. In some ways I’ve always been a believer, but this is something new. I have come to believe that there when God is in something, then the unusual and the extraordinary become the norm. I had another one of “those” days again today. One marked with miracles and a general “is this really happening to me?” combined with a generous dose of “Wow God, this is amazing…”

I can’t tell you everything that happened today because I want to respect the privacy of the people I was with today, but I do want to share some things with you in general terms because it is just so exciting to see how God is opening doors into the lives and world of the MLA’s of our province.

I was invited to lunch today with a friend of the ministry who is really going out of his way to help us get going in terms of making introductions to the right people in Victoria. Shortly after arriving, I discovered that our lunch was actually a private affair and that we would be dining with 5 other MLA’s. They were very gracious, kind and welcoming. After lunch was over, I was able to speak privately with several of them about why I was there and what I felt God had called me to do. Again they were encouraging and receptive commenting that they felt there would be real value in having a non-partisan ministry presence in their midst. This is all very encouraging, exciting and rewarding to say the least.

While I was waiting for Question Period to begin today, I was reflecting on what God has done over the last 8 days. In reality He’s been doing it for much longer than 8 days, I’ve only seen the fruit of it over the past 8 days. He has been arranging all of this from before the foundations of the earth were laid, just as He has in your life. When these things begin to happen, it feels like a whirlwind, but it makes me wonder, what surprises He has in store and what doors He may open next.

Stay tuned…


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