Thursday, April 26, 2007

Prayer Breakfast Update

What an amazing day as we watched our MLA response double from 5-10 in about an hour today. The breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM at the Union Club in Victoria.

This entire event has been an entire series of miracles as God has pushed open doors, made provision and expanded our territory. He is AWESOME!!

I'm thrilled to have an equal number of NDP and Liberal MLA's with us on that day as we need God's favor on both sides of the house. He has made a way and will continue to do so.

We need a few more things to happen so please pray with us that the KING OF KINGS will arrange the final details. Our primary concern right now is that we will have a pastor from each riding represented there that morning. This was one of our goals when we started this adventure and we are about 4 pastors short of achieving that goal. Finally, pray that the morning will be marked with God's presence and power. Unless the Lord builds this house, we labor in vain and unless HIS presence goes before us, we will only have a good event.

Thanks for believing in us and with us! What an amazing ride!



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PD said...

We are looking forward to being with you for breakfast. We asked our congregation to pray this morning for this event.

Jan said...

The Lord loves banquet tables, I know He will be at yours!