Monday, April 02, 2007

MLA Prayer Breakfast - UPDATE

What began as an "I wonder if we could ..." idea is quickly becoming reality. Our denominational minister's conference happens during the first week of May in Victoria this year. It's rare that the conference takes place in Victoria at the same time that the house is in session and so we have the unique opportunity to host a prayer breakfast for the MLA's this year. After a few phone calls and emails, we've been able to put an event together for May 1st at the Union Club in Victoria. (You really need to visit their website to see what a great venue the Lord has provided for us.)

This is an exciting opportunity to accomplish several objectives:

1) First of all, we will be able to make a huge statement of how much we value our MLA's by hosting them for breakfast at a very prestigious private club in downtown Victoria.

2) Secondly, we will have the opportunity to connect pastors from local communities across the province with their MLA's in a non-threatening environment.

3) Most importantly we will have the opportunity to pray for those who govern over us and to bless them as they serve our province in a key leadership role.

I'd like to personally invite you to participate in this very exciting opportunity in any (or all ) of the following ways.

1. Pray for open doors and schedules with every MLA. We see this as a divine opportunity, but we know that our enemy does not want this to happen. Pray that schedules will remain open for that morning and that there will be a genuine receptivity to this invitation.

2. Pray for the event itself. We will have 75 minutes to build bridges, make connections and touch lives. We know that nothing is impossible and that God is obviously in this, but we don't want to presume anything about this day and so humbly ask that you would pray with us towards a successful event, marked by the presence of God in every way.

3. We are looking for financial partners for this event. If you are interested in sharing in this exciting opportunity, please consider sowing into this miracle. You can help us financially by clicking here and following the instructions. Thanks for making a difference.

We are off to Victoria tomorrow for some house-hunting, visiting and meetings. Have a wonderful Easter!!

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