Friday, March 30, 2007

Invite an MLA...

Sorry I haven't written all week, but it's been pretty busy around here with preparing for a move, taking care of our business, and growing the ministry all at the same time. It's been hectic to say the least.

In a few weeks our denominational pastor's conference will take place in Victoria. I've sent an email out to every pastor in our conference encouraging them to visit, connect with or treat their MLA to breakfast/lunch or dinner while they are there. I'm hoping to achieve several objectives with this initiative. The first is to be a blessing to the MLA's as my hope would be that pastors who have take the opportunity to visit would also have the opportunity to pray and or encourage their representative. The second is to facilitate establishing relationships between pastors and their respective MLA's.

Additionally, I'm also working on a mini "prayer breakfast" for Christian MLA's and the pastors from the ridings they represent. This will be a private event by invitation only but very significant at the same time. There are some other possibilities/opportunities that are in the mix, but I'm not able to share them with you at this time.

So... here are some prayer requests:
1. Pray that pastors will have the courage and vision to meet their MLA while in Victoria.
2. Pray that MLA's will be open to receive a call and visit. (Perhaps openings will suddenly appear in their schedule...)
3. Ask the Lord to open the doors for this exciting opportunity with the prayer breakfast. There are several hurdles to be crossed, but we believe that God has given us this opportunity.

I'll keep you posted!!!



Jan said...

The prayer breakfast sounds like a great idea!

Louise said...

Great idea! You sound completely swamped with everything! When's the big move?

Tim said...

Pending the sale of our house, we will be in Victoria for August 1. Are you still going to the island for Easter?

Louise said...

Yeppers! (Easter that is) Ummm - you do know that Family Camp is July 28 - August 5 right? Like moving August 1st is outta the question my friend :)

Danica said...

Sounds good.
When the time comes - if you need any help loading up the moving truck, we are both talented and experienced in that skill.