Friday, March 09, 2007

From sea to sea...

I arrived early at the Legislature one morning this week and had a few extra minutes to walk the grounds and pray. Because I've found FREE PARKING nearby, I started my walk at the Fountain of Confederation. It's directly across from the Legislature and features the Coats of Arms of the Provinces and Territories on a wall that serves as a backdrop to a large low fountain. In the centre of the wall is the Canadian Coat of Arms along with our official motto "And his dominion shall be from sea to sea" (Ps. 72:8) I couldn't help see the incredible symbolism (both national and prophetic) of this fountain.

In the natural realm, the symbolism is obvious as the all of the provinces and territories are represented in one place in Canada's most western province. I'm not sure if there's a similar spot in Newfoundland, but I want to visit there and find out.

The spiritual symbolism of this spot is breathtaking to me. A few blocks from where the fountain is there is a statue recognizing the Spanish explorers who first discovered Vancouver Island. They made their mark by planting a flag and claiming the land for Spain. We know that the Spaniards eventually lost control of the land to the British and the rest is history. The difference between an explorer planting his flag and God making HIS mark is that the kingdom of heaven never passes away. It is an eternal kingdom that will stand for all of time and eternity. When God sowed the seed of a vision for the Fountain of Confederation He was making his eternal mark on the western shores of Canada.

The fountain speaks to me of abundance and the constant flow of the blessing of God. The fountain is made up of two bowls. The lower bowl is probably 20 feet in diameter. The smaller bowl is about 5 feet in diameter. The smaller bowl is elevated above the larger and the water flows generously up through it's centre and then overflows into the larger. I see this as picture of God's promise for our nation. I hear Him saying that as the life giving presence and power of the Holy Spirit is released into the lives of government leaders, that His blessing will be poured out in abundance upon our nation in unprecedented ways. Some are saying that God is positioning our nation to be a lender to many and it may be that this will happen as the result of our leaders encountering the life and presence of the Spirit in their own lives.


Junah said...

FREE parking - I like it. It took me several months to find all the hidden free parking spots at UBC.

Louise said...

Congrats on Free Parking! Sounds like a Monopoly game! Are you in Victoria at all the first 1/2 of April??? (I AM!)