Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When Answers Come...

I've been incredibly blessed over the past few days. On Monday evening I was a guest at Colwood Pentecostal Church's ladies prayer night. Because of my former involvement with the church as a staff person, I've known some of these ladies for ... a few years (sooner or later, you've got to stop counting...) It was an amazing night. These ladies know how to pray and touch heaven! They shared scripture, prophetic insight and prayed with regard to some very specific requests that I had shared with them as well. What I thought might be 20 minutes turned into about 2 hours, but it was worth every second. I left feeling encouraged, strengthened and renewed.

On Tuesday, I spent a few hours at the Legislature praying and listening to the debate. I was so impressed by Corky Evans and his speech that I sent him an email last night. He had some great material and insight, but it was his presentation that really caught my attention. I could hear his passion for people, our province and the environment. I'm convinced that MLA's really want to make a difference and lead our province to a better and brighter future. In the prayer that morning, there was a line that said something about "help us to lead in such a way that prosperity is shared by everyone and not just a few". I think that's how Jesus wants it to be.

Because I'd been away since Saturday, I took an early flight home but was blessed to have lunch with Pastor Dan and Susan MacLean from Victoria Miracle Centre before I left town. These are incredible people who are down to earth and very real. They shared some amazing stories of what God has done in their church. We don't always understand the why behind signs and wonders (sometimes they just make you wonder...) but they thrill us just the same. I enjoyed my time with them tremendously and look forward to getting to know them more when we re-locate to Victoria later this year. As we finished lunch, Pastor Dan handed me a generous cheque as an expression of their support of the vision. I'm so grateful that people who are only getting to know us and the ministry are responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit in this way.

This weekend, I'm in Kelowna at Rutland Gospel Tabernacle with Pastor Ted Bonk. I'm looking forward to being there!

Have a good one!!

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