Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Illusion of Security

The closer we get to making our move to Victoria, the more I am tempted with what I've called the illusion of security. Security is a good thing, it's just where you look for it that determines whether it's reality or an illusion. Sometimes the difference between illusion and reality is simply the difference between what's "good" and what's "best".

Good is safe, best is ... dangerous, requires sacrifice, and a whole lot of faith to see it happen and that's where the illusion of security comes into play. Playing it "safe" in our eyes generally keeps us from the fullness of what God has for us. There's an old hymn "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms". One line talks about being "safe and secure from all alarm". The place of safety is found in leaning on the everlasting arms of Jesus, not a bad place to be...

I was sharing this with a friend this week. She relayed something that happened with her son and his buddies a few days ago. They were out fishing near Victoria but when they came to shore, the tide was too low for them to pull the boat out at the same place they put it in. They decided to go to a different marina to pull out there as the launch was better suited to low tide. Her son, who is training to be a sea captain, got off the boat to drive the truck and trailer to the other location left his friends with this advice... "keep the green buoys on your right..."

A little while later, he got a phone call from his buddies saying that they were in shallow water and needed some help. He asked if they could see the bottom to which they replied that they could see the feet of the birds standing in the water. He asked where the green buoys were and they said "on the left".

Here's the conclusion that my friend shared with me....

So Tim you can take this ship and go into safe shallow water but you are not going to get to where you really want to go. It doesn’ t even require that much faith, In fact you couldn’t even walk on water if you wanted to cause it is so shallow you can see birds feet. LOL On the other hand if you stay on the right side of the buoys the water is dark and you can’t really reach land too quickly but ships whip along in that deep water and there is no fear of getting stuck.

So... in spite of the illusion of security, we are headed for the deep water where the big ships go!!

And in my best "Captain Highliner" voice....

"Arrr Billy.... Have ye ever been to sea?"

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Donna said...

Indeed Tim that is where you need to be!!! Let's not forget that is where the big fish are. Why not go just for the halibut! LOL