Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Night Out

Barb has been working tremendously hard as we bridge the gap between pastoral ministry and establishing the chaplaincy. Between teaching, newspaper distribution and just generally being a fantastic mom and wife, life has been pretty crazy. She was due for a treat so last night we went to something very unique. It's "Cowboy Festival" time in Kamloops. The festival is a gathering of cowboy poets, traditional country artists, artisans, etc, etc. It's pretty interesting if for no other reason than to see the many interesting people around town.

The Kamloops Symphony was hosting an Alberta group called "Celtic Cowboy". Barb is much more of a symphony fan than I am, but I knew she'd really enjoy it. Celtic Cowboy is true cowboy band with a "fiddle, flute, harp, guitar and mandolin". They do traditional cowboy music mixed in with some story telling. It was a great show!! They had never been backed up by an orchestra before so it was new for everyone but a great night all the same.

If you're in Kamloops (or nearby) you can probably still get tickets. If not, you can visit their website and learn more about them. If you ever get the chance to hear them live, you'll absolutely enjoy yourself.

Talk to you later


Louise said...

How sweet! We get to go on a date tonight! And yes... I'll add to the fact that Barb is an amazing lady!

Junah said...

You what is funny, in all the years we lived in Kamloops, we never did go to the "Kamloops Cowboy Festival." Now that we moved on, I think may have to check it out sometime.

on a similar note, an excellent book about Kamloops cowboy life I recommend is "Yes, I Really Was a Cowgirl" - by Nancy Christenson (a friend of Lana's family). Very powerful.