Sunday, March 04, 2007

Great Day

This was great day! For the first time in a month, our family was in church together as we worshipped with Burnaby Chinese Pentecostal Church. We had met the church at Christmas time when I spoke for their winter retreat. These are amazing people who love God and each other. It was so awesome to worship in bilingual context (Cantonese and English...) today. It made me think of what heaven must be like as people from every language group worship together around the throne. How exciting to see a church bridge generational, cultural and language gaps all for the sake of worship.

Before the service began, the soundman offered me their wireless microphone. Tyler asked me if that thing would change my words to Chinese when I spoke. It was pretty cute, but you've got to admire his thinking. It's a pretty neat idea.

I'm currently in Victoria for a few days. I've got some appointments booked here over the next few days and am looking forward to seeing what interesting surprises God has prepared in advance for me.

I'll keep you posted!


Trisha Weatherill said...

Yes Tim,
When we speak in a tongue native to our own it is the language of love that God hears. Very good!

Danica said...

I went over to Bible Truth with Jan on Sunday eveing and was hoping to run into one of you guys. No luck for me. Say hi to Barb wil ya.