Friday, June 08, 2007

The Flood that Didn't Come

If the experts were correct, the Fraser Valley would be experiencing a flood as I write this. But because God intervened, people are able to sleep in their own beds, live in their own homes and carry on with their lives, without the hassles and headaches of a flood. God is good!

Some will attribute this to luck, good fortune and cooperative weather. At the end of the day, it's only God who could manage this and He did it in response to our prayers and to demonstrate His care and concern for people and the MLA's who asked us to take up the challenge. We have seen the first of many miracles as God is very interested in making himself known in our great province and nation.

"Before the nations, He has bared his mighty arm."

Thanks for standing with us!


Anonymous said...

We at Logan Lake took up the challenge to pray that God would hold back the waters...He did it at the Red Sea, and at the Jordan River...and He's done it again! What a testimony to the MLA's to a God Who hears and answers our prayers. The folks in the Lower Mainland need to hear that it was God. There was quite some apprehension and gloom and doom. How soon will people forget now that the crisis is diminishing?

Blessings on you and your ministry, Tim.

Pastor Harry Holmquist, Logan Lake, B.C.

Tim said...

Thanks for praying Harry. I agree with you that it will be attributed to "luck" and "good weather" but we know WHO makes all of that.

Blessings on you too!!