Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Road Trip

We are digging our way out of the boxes, so I thought I'd give you a quick update on the move, etc. The move went remarkably well. I left Kamloops at 7:30 in the YEW HAUL with Zoe on the front seat. I had Country 103 on the radio just because it seemed like the kind of music you should listen to when you drive a truck. We got to Merrit in about 1hr and Zoe was whining and needed a break. (I just realized it might have been the music...) Anyway, we pulled over and she sniffed the sagebrush, left a mark to let everyone know she had been there.

We got back in the truck and by the time we near the toll booth she was whining again and I needed a break. I guess she thought if it was okay for me to sing, it should be okay for her to make some noise too. Much to her delight we found a stick and played fetch for 20 minutes. We got back in the truck, got our motor running and headed out on the highway. This was the part of the highway that I looked forward to and worried about all at the same time. If you've never driven the Coquihalla, it's a pretty steep highway from the toll booth to Hope. While I've always thought it would be kind of fun to use a "run away" lane, when I was actually driving a large truck with a full load, I decided that slower is safer. The weather was fantastic when we went through, but a day later there was a freak blizzard at the summit. Glad it came the day after...

We got to Hope safely and I found another country station that was playing "Hillbilly Delux". Again, it all seemed appropriate driving a UHAUL. We stopped in Abbotsford for fuel and shortly after we were "On the Road Again" bound for the ferry. At 12:30 I heard a traffic report that the 1:00 PM sailing was filled and that the next boat went at 3:00. I arrived at the terminal at 12:40 to a nearly empty parking lot (only 25% filled) and got a ticket on the 1:00 PM sailing.

With the help of some fantastic family and friends, we had the truck unloaded in about 90 minutes. And then the work of unpacking began. You know, we left here 13 years ago and thought the move was a lot of work. We had know idea how much work this was going to be. I actually thought that if we planned well, we could have the truck loaded in a few hours, completely forgetting that 3 kids and 19 years of marriage combines to create a magnetic force for all kinds of clutter. The best I've found thus far is a box containing cards wishing us well as we moved to Kamloops. Yup.. unopened for 13 years. It was like a time capsule.. So much for "clutter management".

Anyway, I'll give you the scoop on the new 'hood tomorrow.



Jan said...

I am glad you had a safe and successful trip. How is Zoe adapting to her new home? Give my love to everyone.

Danica said...

Have fun unpacking!

Louise said...

Um... you have no concept of "clutter management" until you see my place! Pretty nasty but it's an illness I'm slowly working on! (admittance is the first step to help right?) Anyways, glad you stayed away from the run-away-lanes :) Men!!??