Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

So here it is the "new 'hood" post. We are living in a very interesting and unique part of Victoria. There are so many things to see and do and .... all of it is within walking distance. After 13 years in the near desert climate of Kamloops we now live 3 or less blocks from the ocean in 3 directions.

Three blocks to the south takes us to Ogden Point and the Dallas Rd. waterfront.

Three blocks to the west is Fisherman's Wharf which continues to be where the fishing boats come and go and then sell their catches to commerical suppliers and the public as well. Our kids don't eat seafood yet (born and raised in Cattle country) will do that to you, but Barb and I like it, even though we haven't had the opportunity to buy something fresh yet.

Three blocks to the North takes us to the heart of the tourist district. There are lots of hotels and the Inner Harbour that has buskers, performers and artisans sharing their skills and work. Everyone loves to go down and see what's happening in the Inner Harbour. Tyler has even participated in a busker show as a helper. He even made $5 so I guess that makes him a professional.

If you travel due East from our house, you'll go right past the Legislature and eventually find Beacon Hill Park.

For an urban area, there are some things that I find very interesting. There's plenty of green space near us (several parks within a 3 block radius) and more dogs than I ever encountered in Kamloops. It seems 1 out of 3 people has a dog here. Given that lots are small, that means a lot of walking on leash because you can't let your dog roam in Victoria.

Anyway... that's all for now. I'll post some of Britt's pictures later this week.



John Cuyler said...

Tim: Congrats on your move to Victoria. I knew God wouldn't let you down.

Fred said...

I can picture exactly where you live Tim. Wonderful. I began in ministry at GT in 1965 as a kid out of college and lived in a room in an old house just off Beacon Hill Park. Wonderful memories of afternoons in the legislature balcony, beach parties, seafood... May God bless your family, and service to God and country BIGTIME...

Diane said...

Hi Tim and Barb
God Bless the family as you begin a new phase of your ministry.

Love and Prayers