Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let's go surfin' now...

Sorry for the long gap, but we are on vacation and so it's been more challenging to write. We left a day early (yay!!) on our surprise laden vacation. We are in Southern California, although the boys only thought we were going to Seattle. We were able to get as far as central Oregon before we told them that we were really going to Disneyland. The response was better than we anticipated. Tyler was screaming because he was so excited. It's probably a good thing that we told them in the van, rather than inside a building...

We are having a great time staying with family in a fantastic location. We spent Saturday night in Anaheim and went to see the Angels and Rangers. On Sunday we visited Angeles Temple and saw Delerious in concert. Delerious was a bonus, as we were planning to be there anyway. Angeles Temple is having a tremendous impact on Los Angeles and God is doing incredible things there.

We came to San Diego on Sunday afternoon and will be here through Friday when we will return to Anaheim and meet some friends from Kamloops. This is the next big surprise for the boys as they don't know that some of the friends will be meeting them at Disneyland.

We're not sure about our plans for today. We may hang around the pool here or we may go to the beach or we may take Britt to a mall or we .... (you get the idea...)

We'll keep you posted.


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Jan said...

What a great surprise! Have a wonderful time.