Friday, June 15, 2007

Our New House

We've made a quick trip to Victoria so Barb could see the house and the boys could get a sense of their new "hood". Driving from the ferry to the house was very interesting. I was being plagued with thoughts of "Have I done the right thing?" "What if she doesn't like it?" and "Have we lost our minds?" The house is actually smaller than I thought, but will work just fine with some creativity and adjustments. We did some minor work on the yard today as it is a gardeners paradise/nightmare all at the same time. I'll post some pictures after we are moved in and settled.

So, we are all good with the house and the only family members that haven't seen it are Britt and Zoe. This morning we went for a walk to the Ocean at 7, for a drive at 10 and now Barb and the boys are at "Seeing is Believing" while I mooch an internet connection and catch up on a few things.

I'm preaching at Burnaby Chinese Pentecostal this Sunday and then sharing at our home church one more time before we leave town. We are so blessed to have been a part of Bible Truth for this past 18 months. This time has prepared us in faith and fellowship to take a step that is beyond anything we've ever done before.

Pray for us, this is a long leap...


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