Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shaping the Tides

Last week, I saw a full moon over Vancouver. I was there for a conference and was staying on the 15th floor which only added to the quality of the view. It reminded me of something I read this summer.

As you know the moon simply reflects the light of the sun. A full moon occurs when it is in proper alignment with the sun. What I didn’t know was that the moon being in full alignment with the sun has a significant effect of life here on earth. Apparently there are more babies that are conceived and delivered during a full moon than at any other time of the month. I also learned that the tidal pull of the moon is greatest during a full moon because of the combined gravitational force of both the sun and the moon.

The writer made an interesting connection between the moon’s ability to shape the tides based on it’s alignment with the sun and the role that we can have in the earth today as we align ourselves with the plans and purposes of God. The bible tells us that we are kings and priests. Kings and priests have the authority and ability to shape the culture around them by virtue of their position and calling.

While this might seem ‘heady’ and overwhelming, the reality is that our ability to sway the tides around us is directly connected to how closely we are aligned to our Father in heaven.
Jesus underlined the importance of staying intimately connected to His heart, mind and presence on a daily basis when He said that said that apart from Him, we can do nothing. At the same time, He told us that when we were connected to Him, we were in a place where anything could happen.

The social tides that sweep over our culture can be shaped and tamed, but only as we humbly come into alignment with the heart and purposes of God for our lives and for the world around us and then simply let the gravity of his love, joy and presence reach the world we live in.

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