Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coffeeshop Conversations

I'm out of town for a few days so I stopped by a coffeeshop to access their wireless connection. While I was setting up my laptop I overheard two ladies talking behind me. They were talking about prayer, missions and what God could do. You could hear their faith and confidence in God in their conversation. It was obvious they were Christians. As they were talking about some books that I had read or recognized, I interrupted them and suggested one that I thought they might enjoy to. As it turned out, they were both ministry wives. One lady is returning to Egypt on Monday to resume serving in a ministry that she had previously done with her husband. He passed away a few years ago and you could tell she still missed him. The other lady is married to a denominational leader. It turned we had some common friends and we had a very nice (but brief) visit. I feel richer because I met them.

Still in need of a wireless connection, I packed up my laptop and headed down the road in search of another 'Wired Monk' where I could spend an hour or so sipping coffee and taking care of a few things.

Upon arriving at my next location, I sat near two other women having a conversation. It's a fairly quiet place and it was hard not to overhear what they were saying. The contrast amazed me. One woman is having a recurring dream that is troubling her. The other is an astrological 'coach' who is trying to discern what the stars are saying to her. The one woman is afraid, the other is grasping at straws.

It's hard not to see the contrast. Even if I wasn't a believer in Jesus, it would be hard not to see the contrast. We are so blessed to have a Father who loves us and cares for us. Even when the mountains tremble, we need not be afraid. He is our Rock and Redeemer.

I feel so sad for the two women beside me. I'm not sure if I'll interrupt their conversation or not. If I do, I'll let you know how it turns out...

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