Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting Ready for the Fall

We just got back from a fantastic weekend in Kelowna, BC where our youngest son (Tyler) was playing in a baseball tournament. His team placed second but had a very strong showing. We hope to meet the same team in the Provincial Championships in a few weeks.

On Saturday afternoon we took a break from the heat and found comfort by going to the mall. The summer clearance sales were in full swing which seemed kind of premature, especially in light of the fantastic weather outside, but we shopped anyway... well, Barb and Brittany shopped, I watched a football game and enjoyed a cup of coffee in one of those nice soft chairs provided for waiting husbands and fathers.

While I was waiting I started thinking about my own plans for the fall. My August schedule is already full and I have 6 engagements scheduled for September. It's going to be a busy fall season, but I am SO excited about the possibilities and opportunities. Over the next few weeks, I'll provide some more specifics about what we'll be doing. I believe that God has given us some very clear direction about our next steps here in BC and where our focus needs to be over the next year. I also believe that the results of what we will undertake will be historic for our province.

Delerious ranks among my favorite bands. In one of their versions of 'Did You Hear?' they rhetorically ask if it's true that God can shape a nation. My emphatic answer is YES HE CAN! HE WANTS TO AND HE WILL, AS HIS PEOPLE PRAY!

The question is will we??

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