Monday, September 08, 2008

And They're Off..

Prime Minister Harper did the expected yesterday morning and called a General Election. The next 37 days will be a blur of anouncements, soundbytes, debates and controversy. Promises will be made, criticisms will be leveled and everything from the ridiculous to the sublime will be discussed on call in shows across the country. At the end of the campaign, we will be asked to mark our ballot and make our choice. Political futures of candidates will be decided, but more importantly, we will also make some choices about the destiny of our nation.

I don't believe that every election brings us to the key crossroad regarding the future of our nation, but I do believe that every election presents us with the opportunity to have a voice in shaping a part of our national destiny. That in itself is a tremendous responsibility and privilege, one that we should neither take lightly or cynically.

With the cross section of options and promises that will be presented to us nationally and locally throughout this election, the challenge will be to sort out what is best for the country and who is best suited to lead. One of the greatest challenges is to be able to see past what is good for us in the moment and to somehow discern what is best for the future. (I might really enjoy a cut in gas taxes, but if it means that the roads I drive on 5 years from now look something from Afghanistan, I might not choose to go that route....)

As I write this post, I'm reminded that the Bible promises that if we lack wisdom we should ask God who gives liberally (in the generous sense, not the one...) to anyone who needs it. I'd say that more than anything, we need true wisdom as we choose our next federal government. We need Someone who knows and understands our future to help us choose a leader in the present who can take us into the future.

Here's an invitation for you. Over the next 35 days, I'm going to be praying that God would give me wisdom and discernment as to how to vote on Oct. 14. At the same time, I want to know how many others are interested in doing the same. I don't think this has to be overly complicated or difficult. I do think that as we begin to pray that God's kingdom would be come and His will would be done through the electoral process, some amazing things could happen in Canada.

So.... who's in? You can email me ( or respond by using the comment box on either the blog or on facebook to let me know you're in this too. (FYI, I've switched to moderated comments to keep the spammers of my blog, it's just a better way to go than have strangers using my space.)

Can't wait to hear from you!

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