Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jack Layton Says PM Has A "Damascus Road' Experience

Politicians say the most interesting things. Today the Prime Minister announced that a Conservative government would provide a .02/litre reduction of the tax on diesel fuel. It will happen over 4 years and cost the government about $600 million dollars.

Mr. Layton responded that the PM must have had a 'Damascus Road Experience' in response to the anouncement. "All of a sudden it's 'road to Damascus' and he decides he's going to make an announcement in the middle of an election campaign,". (Vancouver Sun)

I've got to tell you there's something about Mr. Layton that makes me say 'hmmm....' I'm intrigued by his periodic references to biblical events. The Damascus Road experience speaks of the Apostle Paul (then named Saul) being knocked off his horse in broad daylight and then hearing a voice from heaven speak to him. In the last general election, Mr. Layton stated that 'Ottawa needs to hear the prophetic voice of the faith community.' The second quote left me 'slack-jawed'. I'm thrilled that he actually invited the faith community to speak into life on the 'hill' in Ottawa and can't wait to honor his invitation.

I'm not sure where Mr. Layton draws his material from, but it seems to me that somewhere along the way, he (or his writers...) heard enough Sunday School stories or Sunday sermons for something to take root in his life. It's almost as though the parable of the Sower and the Seed is playing out and that the seed that found some good soil is starting to produce fruit.

I hope it's true and that the seed continues to produce good fruit for many years to come!

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