Thursday, September 11, 2008

What To Pray For the Election

Our friends at Nation At Prayer have launched a '5 to a Million Campaign' for the Federal election asking Christians across Canada to pray for 5 minutes a day during the election. They've also provided the following prayer guide to assist you in praying effectively. You can download a copy of the guide from our website by clicking here.

What To Pray For the Election

1. That this election will serve God's purposes for Canada.

2.That Canada will be a country whose elected leaders are:
- Individuals of Integrity, Discernment, Grace, Courage and Conviction
- Willing Servants
- Wisdom, Endurance and Protection for the Candidates and their families

3. That Candidates will be filled with Integrity, Courage, Humility and Grace

4. That the Holy Spirit will Guide and Guard the Thoughts and Speech of Candidates

5. That the Holy Spirit will Guide Campaign Strategy

6. That Candidates and Campaign Material will present Positions and Platforms
Clearly, Openly and Fully.

7. That the Holy Spirit will guide Electors in Examining Issues, Candidates and in

8. That Every Elector Will Cherish Their Right to Vote

9. That Every Elector Will Vote

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