Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally... .the Prayer Breakfast Photos....

Here are some photo's from our 3rd Annual MLA Prayer Breakfast.  Many thanks to Sharon Jones who braved ice and snow to be with us for the morning.  Sharon is an artist and photographer.  We are also pleased that she is our friend.  Please visit Sharon's website to see some of her amazing work.

Tim Schindel welcoming the guests and MLA's as we started the morning.  This was our best response ever.  (We actually sold out the event which is a first for us.)  We were so happy with the excellent response from MLA's and our partners and ministry friends.
A crowd shot during breakfast.  You can see that we had a full house that morning which was very exciting for us.  We are already making plans for next year and anticipate an even bigger event.

Leonard Krog (Nanaimo) and Pastor Mark Buchanan (our speaker)
Nicholas Simons and Barb Schindel preparing to provide some pre-breakfast music as well as their beautiful presentation of Amazing Grace.
The Hon. Shirley Bond (Deputy Premier and Minister of Education visiting with Pastor Gordon Patteson from Gateway Baptist.
Rachael Smith, who led us in prayer on behalf of the MLA's, (see Rachael's Prayer), Hon. Shirley Bond and Pastor Mark Buchanan. 
Michelle Jones and Brittany Schindel.  Approximately 10% of our attendees were under 20.  We think that's important for our future.

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Donna Pechie said...

Great photos Tim!
Sorry I missed it but that is okay I am glad things went well.
Be blessed indeed!