Monday, March 02, 2009

Getting Ready ....

It`s not hard to pick out the MLA`s that aren`t running for re-election.  For the most part, they are the only ones who aren`t saying much during debate on the Budget and Speech From The Throne.  (They are also most likely to be reading news clippings or checking their Blackberry`s during Question Period.)  Everyone else is working hard to get their sound byte or `interjection` (which is Hansard`s polite way of saying that they are talking when they should be listening during Question Period`...)

We are getting ready too.  While we are non-partisan or politically motivated, the truth is that the upcoming election could be among the most important in our history and because of that we see a tremendous need for the church to actively pray during this time.  For the last 9 months we have been building our PrayBC prayer network in preparation for the election campaign. 

Our vision is decidedly different from the one politicians will be working on.  Our goal is to build a comprehensive prayer network that will simply ask God to  use this election to accomplish His purposes for our province.  Our strategy will be to send a daily email starting with the first day of the election campaign and concluding on the day after the election.  Each email will provide a scripture verse, a clear prayer focus and a written prayer.  We`ve designed this so that busiest people can participate with us in a meaningful way.  We currently have just over 1000 people who have committed to praying with us during the campaign. 

You can help us in several ways:
1.  If you received this email directly from us, you are already on our email list.  You can help us by forwarding the email to your contacts, prayer group leaders, pastor, etc and encouraging them to join our network as well.

2.  If you received this email through a forward (or you are reading our blog online) go to the PrayBC Blog where you can add your name to our email list.

3.  If you are a pastor or ministry leader.  Please consider encouraging your church to participate with us through anouncements, as part of your preaching and teaching or through using or linking to our 90 second video on YouTube.  We'd also really appreciate your help in spreading the word about what we are doing to other pastors and ministry contacts in your ministry network.

No one has ever attempted anything on this scale within BC.  We are anticipating a network of 10,000 people praying with us on a daily basis during the campaign.  Thanks for being a part of this historic undertaking with us.

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