Friday, March 13, 2009

On a Personal Note

It was a proud day at our house yesterday when we all went to watch Zack's final basketball game of the season.  The Spencer Wildcats Gr. 7 team had won a berth in the City Finals.  They were undefeated for the entire year and had beaten the Montery Storm in the regular season. 

Unfortunately.... our guys discovered that there's a difference between the regular season and the playoffs and came up short yesterday afternoon.  2nd place in the city isn't a bad place to be either and we are very proud of the team and Zack.  He has really developed his skills and has become a strong defensive player who scores the occasional basket to help his team offensively as well.  

We celebrated his great season at Red Robins where it was birthday night all around us.  It seemed that everyone was celebrating their 8th birthday.  I suggested I could do the same but the kids didn't think they wanted me to stand on the chair while everyone sang.  I'm thinking .... why not.... being 8 would be fun, at least until someone sent me to bed at 8:30.... 

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