Monday, May 23, 2011

MLA Prayer Breakast Report

On May 19 we held our 5th Annual MLA Prayer Breakfast.  This was a milestone morning for us and we wanted it to be special.  We just had no idea how special it was about to become.  Five years ago, we held our first breakfast in a small room in the Union Club of BC.  It was a great starting point for us.  We had 45 people and 7 members.  We were thrilled!  As we began last week we had a total of 4 MLA's confirmed.  Needless to say, we were a bit concerned.  As we began to make contact with our regular attenders we were thrilled to discover that not only were they coming, but that they were bringing some friends along as well.  The evening before the breakfast, we were expecting 17 members to join us for breakfast.  On the morning of the breakfast, they all came AND brought 6 more of their friends.  We had 23 members in total which is almost 30% of the members in the Legislature.  We've come a long way from 7 members!

We were thrilled to have Stacey Toews from Level Ground Coffee join us for the morning. Stacey connected very well with our guests did a great job for us.  To learn more about Stacey and Level Ground, click here.

You can see pictures of the breakfast by clicking here.


Jamie MacDonald said...

That is awesome Tim and team. 30% is a great response. Blessings on our public servants.

Joyce said...

Hi Tim, very much wanted to make it my 1st Breakfast but being my Birthday that same day and always receiving morning calls from family/friends chose to pass or they would wonder where I was in the early morning leaving from Cowichan. Bless your ministry to our Leaders - they deserve our support ~~
Joyce Behnsen