Monday, June 06, 2011

Spring Session Ends

The Spring Session ended last week.  The media says it was 24 days long. It has been a very unique session.  Both parties have new leaders so in many ways it's a brand new day.  There are new voices, new ideas and new approaches and at least one new member (Premier Christy Clark) who seemed fairly excited to take her seat last Monday.  I confess that I keep waiting for her to say something like 'We'll be right back after this break....' during QP, but I don't think it's likely to happen.

I've learned some new words this session.  My favourite is 'jiggery pokery'.  My friend MLA Bill Routley (Member for Cowichan and aka 'The Silver Streak' or 'Brother Bill') used it liberally in his speech on the HST just before the government invoked closure.  I've never heard the expression before, but it sounds very good when used in an impassioned speech accompanied by the waving of arms.

This has been a good session in terms of ministry fruitfulness.  As I reported several weeks ago, we had 23 MLA's come to our annual Prayer Breakfast.  This was our best response to date. It's a reflection of 4 years of full time ministry to MLA's.  We have become known, trusted, respected and most importantly, deemed to be 'safe'.  It's an important milestone for us and puts us in a unique place in the lives of leaders.  The response to the Prayer Breakfast is indicative of the growth we are seeing behind the scenes.  Doors continue to open for us into the lives of our elected leaders.  It's quite exciting to see what God is doing.

We have some important plans for the summer. We've built some important bridges and we want to expand on that through the summer months by visiting as many MLA's as possible this summer through personal visits and contact. At present I have trips planned to Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan.  I'm hoping for one more trip to the Cariboo as well.  It's going to be a full and busy summer. 

Travel is always costly and it is especially costly in the summer.  In order to provide for that budget, we are holding our first ever 'IronMan of Golf' on June 22.  Starting at 4:45 AM, Tim will play 100 holes of golf on a single day.  You can sponsor Tim on a per hole basis or on a event sponsorship level.  You can support the event by clicking here or by contacting our office directly.

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