Thursday, June 01, 2006

Seeing It Happen...

I had another day of firsts today. I picked up the business cards for the ministry today. (This is hardly a big deal, but I felt like I was seeing a baby for the first time...) This afternoon, I picked up the brochures that are ready to be distributed. This has been so long in coming that it feels like what I have seen by faith for so long is starting to become reality. On the one hand it's unreal, on the other hand, it's surreal.

Maybe this is what Abraham felt like when he saw Isaac for the first time. Maybe a bit overcome, with a sort of "how can this be" type of look and at the same time "O WOW!" it's really happening kind of look.

I'm off to a conference tomorrow that I'm very excited about. Peter Wagner is teaching a seminar on Market Place ministry that I'm going to attend for a few days. It will be great and while I really don't want to spend ANOTHER day on the road, this is for a purpose for which I will gladly lay down my life.

I'll tell you more tomorrow when I have a chance to post.

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