Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things I saw & heard today...

Okay the title sounds boring but it's just been an interesting kind of day as I've travelled through Alberta.
I started in Sylvan Lake Alberta which is a great resort town with it's own lighthouse. Can't tell if you it works, but the town looks like a sea-side resort. Very cool.

I overheard a guy talking about his dying father and his cynical wife saying the only reason anyone cared was so they could get in the will. Hmmm...

I heard about a septic pump truck that flipped over and stopped traffic in Edmonton for an hour. The reporter said that traffic was "overflowing" in that area... (Sorry ... body function humour cracks me up!)

I saw a horse hobbling along a driveway with wire tangled around it's leg dragging along a broken fence post... couldn't help because it was behind a closed gate and this is Alberta and they don't take kindly to "city folk" messing with their "critters"...

I saw one kid throw another out of one of those inlflatable pools. They obviously spend too much time watching professional wrestling.

I saw the coolest abandonded buildings all along the way. Just old barns, bins and houses. I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the people who used to live there.

I saw 2 F18's fly over. Their "roar" was about 10 seconds behind them.

I saw a town called "Hairy Hill". Do you think they call the residents "Hillites", "Hillers" or "Hairbillies"?

I was near "Two Hills" today but didn't see any hills and now I'm in St. Paul (which is a very unique community....) and ready to have dinner.

What did you see today?


Sonya said...

I saw a pedestrian who was trying to bring back the 80's in his bright pink tank top and cut off denim shorts. *shiver*

I saw a huge man behind the wheel of a small car.

I heard a family at Earl's singing 'Happy Birthday' to their 10-year old daughter in an almost whisper so as not to embarrass her.

I too saw an old barn today and as I always do, I wondered what it had looked like when it was new and what it has been used for over the years.

Danica said...

I saw several of my blogger friends had posted several posts after having dry spells.

I saw every colour of the rainbow in one cloud.

The rest was either a blur or imaginary.