Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Walking my dog...

I took Zoe for a walk tonight and had a great "aha" moment. She's a yellow lab who loves to play fetch. We didn't have to teach her to fetch, she was just born to do it and she does it very well... most of the time...

It's been a while since we were out together so she often needs to get focused because she's just so happy to be out in the woods. I threw a few sticks down the hill which she found really quickly, then we moved into more of a treed area. She was so happy to be chasing sticks that she forgot to pay attention to where the stick was going. I threw the stick to the left and she took off full speed to the right. Needless to say, she didn't find the stick on her own.

That's when I had my "aha" moment. It occurred to me that I've been like Zoe on multiple occasions in my life. There are times I've been running one way when the place where I'd be fully satisfied is in a completely different direction. I don't think this a one time lesson, but one that reminds me to keep my eye on the stick so that I can do what I was meant to do.

This has been a great transition period but I'm getting ready to get busy "chasing the stick" that I've been made to fetch. :-)


Jan Thompson said...


This is very insightful...I could certainly relate here. I have had trouble for WAY to long searching for my stick. In fact it makes me tear up over the whole thing. I have wondered how long this dessert experience would last and why so long. Why so long?
I guess I have rebellious and wanted to play rather than seeking process.
Thanks I think I needed to hear that without having it preached at me. I have sent this to hubby...

Town of Carstairs

Tim said...

Thanks Jan - it was just one of those things that was so real at the moment. She went after where she thought the stick was with such excitement and energy, even looking back to see if I was cheering her on, all the while running in the completely opposite direction.

I don't think it's about being rebellious as much as it is about coming to terms with who you are and what you were made to be.

Have a good one!!