Friday, June 30, 2006

Way to Go Britt

As I mentioned a few days ago, Britt graduated from Gr. 7 this week. Yesterday was her last day of elementary school. I think she's going to miss it, because she hung around after school was over just to be there. She had a great report card with some very positive remarks from her teacher regarding her citizenship (which I think means a sense of community responsibility) and her leadership (which I'm very proud of!)

She's had quite a week. On Saturday morning, it looked like she was going on a Mission's Trip to Mexico this summer. By Saturday afternoon, that fell through so it looked like she was going to be spending summer "on the couch". That all changed on Wednesday when she was invited to go on "Street Invaders". Street Invaders provides a crash discipleship, evangelism and ministry training course where the students are placed on teams and work with local churches to reach their communities. She's on her way to Saskatchewan which isn't quite Mexico, but provides all of the bugs, heat, travel and adventure, while still speaking the same language. :-)

She's looking forward to getting there and is going to be raising her own funds to make it happen SO ... if you need a baby sitter, weed wacker, housecleaner or a friend you want to hire, please... CALL BRITT! She's mature, reliable and stable. She makes great cookies and KD without the slightest bit of stress. She's never lost a child she was looking after and always brings them home on time after the field trip to the park/mall/woods!


Sonya said...

Does Britt know that you mentioned the weed whacking and housecleaning?? I think she's definitely more inclined to the babysitting. :)

Way to go Britt on finishing grade 7!

Danica said...

I vouch for Brit if anyone is wondering. She's fantastic.