Monday, August 21, 2006

Praise, Miracles and Leading Influence

We were back at our home church on Sunday morning for the first time in what felt like a month. It was good to be home. The worship was fantastic and there was a very clear sense that God was present and at work. During worship there was a prophetic word about miracles happening as we worshipped. Specifically, the word was that "some of you will go home today to discover that things have changed while you've been out." I believe in miracles and that God is always active so none of that is a stretch for me, but I didn't really expect that much would be different when I got home...

Just before lunch, I got a call from our ministry "accountant". She was calling to tell me that we had received our largest donation to this point on Sunday morning which effectively doubled our bank balance! We still have a long ways to go, but this is a great faith and financial boost for us. There was some other money as well so things are looking up for us.

Included in the envelopes that she got yesterday morning, was our first donation from a church. I want to acknowledge the Victoria Miracle Centre and Pastor Dan and Susan MacLean ( for their vision and generosity. What's most incredible to me is that we have never met or spoken to each other, but that they responded to what they heard about this vision which says to me that these are "go for it" people who are full of faith and vision. I'm looking forward to meeting them the next time I'm in Victoria!

Also, I just confirmed our first public presentation today. I'm very excited to be able to present the ministry to a local church. I've been planning towards a fall speaking schedule to give churches the chance to get past the summer slump and fall kick off events. This invitation came out of the blue and I'm looking forward to preaching after being off for almost a year.

Check out the website to see where it is. I might be seeing you on Sunday!



Lana said...

Hi Tim, I was just checking out your Leading influences web site and I saw that our pastor from the new church we are attending here in Vancouver has an endorsment on your site. How Cool!

That is really excteing about your ministry.

Tim said...

You must be going to Harvest City Church. Good choice!! Say hello to Pastor George and tell him you know us. Also Trisha was a great influence in Britt's life for a period of time. It's awesome to see her and Eddie together in ministry!