Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vacation Comes to an end

We've been away from home for nearly two weeks so it's feeling a lot like it's time to come home. It's been a great time away. Everyone has had a great time and got to do some pretty cool stuff.

Made some new friends, spent hours in town at the mall, stayed up late, thinks she could live in Moose Jaw except that they start school in August which she doesn't like at all! She's had an excellent summer with a bunch of birthday parties. We're very happy for her and glad that she was able to spend a month here. Next year, she'll probably try to be here as soon as school is out!

Learned to shoot:
gophers (3 kills) and pool (very good at it!)

Played golf with Dad and UNCLE RODGER
Drove and rode the quad, went tubing at the lake and had a lot of fun with Tyler

Saw Grandpa's Grey Cup ring

Beat UNCLE RODGER at the Saturday Sports tournament. (This was just a fun day at Rodger and Brandon's but it might have been the Stanley Cup.

Learned to shoot:
Gophers (2 kills) and pool (learned all the pool shark tricks)
Drove and rode the quad
Went tubing at the lake
Established a cult following with all of his little cousins - they think that he walks on water! Sidney thinks the sun rises and sets on him...

WORE Grandpa's Grey Cup ring. Looks at the pictures of grandpa holding the Grey Cup. Dreams that "one day it will be me.."

This has been a great time to relax and reconnect with family. We've been blessed to be here! We are looking forward to returning home, seeing Zoe and getting ready for school and a return to our own beds.