Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Big Day

I am PUMPED about Wednesday!

I'm starting off with a speaking engagement at 7:00 AM to a number of business people in our city. I've been with them before and it's nice to be invited back. The theme for the morning is "BHAGS". If that's something new to you, BHAGS are BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS. You could think of them as the King Kong of all the goals we set and work towards. BHAGS are fun to dream and set for ourselves and even more fun to achieve.

I've got an appointment at 10 to secure a business opportunity that will pay the bills while we continue to lay a firm financial foundation for the ministry. Things are coming along, but I'm able to do some other things while we get this fully off the ground.

12:00 Noon - This marks a big moment for us as I have my first official meeting with an MLA for ministry purposes. I've known this person for a few years so I'm really looking forward to our time together. Pray that the Lord will be very present and will guide our conversation. I can hardly wait to see what God will do with this.

1:30 - Go to the Y and buy a Family Membership. Missions Trips, Christmas and a Youth Retreat do nasty things to your waistline.

Speaking about BHAGS, what's the one thing that would make 2007 an amazing year for you?



Sonya said...

Wow! Sounds like Wednesday is a huge day for you.

I have no BHAGS for 2007, but I do have some dreams. :)

Louise said...

Wow! You were up way before me today & I'm on SK time! Hope your day goes according to plans & I will keep you in my prayers! My BHAG for this year (this month!) is to just get organized... I am sooo tired of clutter & toys & schoolpapers & junk mail & being a pack-rat & the list goes on.... so I'm on a mission to get efficient, organized & attempt to be able to stay on top of things! Aaaahhh! So with that... I'm off to dismantle Christmas decorations, unpack suitcases from a November holiday (just shorts & stuff we don't need right now, but still pathetic that it's still sitting there) and fold laundry I guess! Are you sure you wanted to ask that question! I still have time to say a prayer for ya though :)

Danica said...

I also have no BHAGS. Or maybe I have so many that no one in particular stands out.
Our big thing is Matt's graduation this spring, and seeing what God has in mind for us after that.

Louise said...

I missed the "fun to dream" part!!! Organizing does NOT fall into that category but when it's all accomplished I will be HAPPY & feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment, so I guess it's still a BHAG right!?