Friday, January 05, 2007

It can't be Friday... it was just Wednesday

So I had this idea that when I stopped working at iCompass that I would have more time to keep the blog current while I put myself into growing the ministry. Funny thing about ideas... they don't always work out the way you planned. It's been a great week and once the kids are back in school next week, my idea may actually become reality, but what a crazy week this has been....

I had my first MLA meeting on Wednesday. I can't share specifics except to say "WOW GOD!!" It's funny how we expect God to do big things and great things, but when He does it they are so often far beyond what we expected would happen that it surprises us. It's no wonder that Paul wrote about him as the One who is able to exceedingly above all we are able to ask or think or imagine. Wednesday was one of those days when He did just that. At the very least I will have a guest pass to both the speech from the throne and the budget speech and potentially something more longterm after that.

One of the things I can tell you is that there are many Christians in key positions of leadership within government and that God continues to open doors and arrange people as he sees fit. The devil has us convinced that we are always on the bottom never on the top, but the bible tells us that when we walk with HIM we are always on the TOP never on the BOTTOM! Based on what I learned on Wednesday, I'm not surprised that our province continues to be an economic leader in our nation based simply on the fact that the blessing of God ALWAYS flows from the TOP down. We are very blessed to be where we are.

Finally, I met a guy this week who makes wooden coins. Kind of cool thing that if you have them in your house, you can't put them down. Check them out at



junah said...

Cool. Its exciting to have people like you networking with the decision makers.

I know your a hockey fan, so...

Did you watch the game today? Its been pretty exciting for us knowing one of the players and all (Carey Price). I think the last time I was skating around with Carey, he wasn't much older than Caleb is now.


Danica said...

Good to hear.