Monday, January 15, 2007

You want to use me in which project??

We were all at breakfast this morning and there was discussion around ensuring that everyone, but Zack in particular had their homework done. Zack is in gr. 5 this year and in our school, gr. 5 is the year that the students do a heritage project. Over the years, we've done grandpa's and great grandpa's and it's all been quite interesting. After some discussion, Tyler suggested that Zack do his heritage project on me. I was shocked to say the least because at the ripe old age of 44 I hardly think of myself as qualifying for a heritage project. When I suggested that I might be a bit young for such a tremendous honor, Tyler was quick to remind me about how I always tell him that I rode dinosaurs to school. Due to my quick thinking (thanks to healthy doses of "Ginko" or whatever it's called...) I was able to redirect them back to studying a grandpa who actually lived in the "good old days".

Tyler has been grounded for the rest of his life for making such a crass suggestion.

Tim the fossil...


Sonya said...

We saw you as we were driving through town today and you definitely didn't look like a fossil to us. :)

Louise said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! OK - that is funny! Kids are so brutal in their comments eh?

Louise said...
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Donna said...

Hey why don’t you do what my
sister did and bring all the puppies to my house.
She figured that there would be a better market here. Unfortunately the day we had some people come to see the lab puppies they had gotten into some puff-ball mushrooms in the back yard. Needless to say puppies that are frothing at the mouth and nose are not a big sell. I don’t know what it is about our house and "lil ones" consuming poisonous mushrooms. They finally all sold and to this day some of them are probably still roaming my neighborhood.
On second thoughts don’t bring them to our house. Been there, done that!!!!!!!!