Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Simply Amazing...

We were re-arranging some space in our house yesterday and found my journal from 2002. I hadn't looked at it for a few years so I opened it up and began flipping through to see what was going on in my life during that time. Some things I read made me smile, some things I read made me sad when I remembered the pain of those days. And then I flipped the page (there's probably something tremendously profound about that statement...) and read these words...

"I have a growing desire to create a "legislative chaplaincy" I remain very attracted to leaders and see an enormous need for godly leadership and influence at that level. This is very exciting to me, especially given the last 3 years of my life. The people that I have shared this with have been very positive and affirming which has been a tremendous confirmation to me.

This change would require me to:
1. Raise my own support - $100,000 annually
2. Create something new that would influence our nation.
3. Develop a whole new approach to life and ministry.

A thought I had this morning was "how do I reconcile what I believe about the local church (The local church is the only hope for the world...) AND where I see God taking me? Both are valid and neither are in conflict, it's just a matter of how do these two things fit together??"

Like you, I've heard people say over and over again that it's important that we write down our goals if we want to achieve them. Now I must confess that while I've written down goals in the past, it was mostly to "appease" whoever was leading the particular goal setting exercise that I was participating in. My thinking was "I believe, but help my unbelief..."

Five years after writing this down, I'm more of a believer than ever before.

God... You are SO AMAZING


Louise said...

Amazing! I've done that before with a prayer journal & it was great to be able to stroke off answered prayers or to see that God had another way of going about that particular issue/event!

Lana said...

I have done that as well, God is so awesome

jan said...


Sonya said...

You journal?

Tim said...

I don't journal all the time, but pick it up every so often to get some things down on paper. It's been interesting to flip back and see what was there.

If you think back to 2001/02 there was so much stuff going on that I think I probably started journalling just to keep track of what was going on so that if I lost my mind, there would be some record as to why... LOL!!

Danica said...

That's amazing! God is great!
I don't remember that year. I had baby brain-deadness at the time.